9000 Series

In-Line High Speed Servo Palletizer Energy Efficient Smart Palletizer
9000 iso

Series 9000 In-Line Palletizers have advance controls that allow you to maximize the efficiency of your line and have a smart palletizer.  This series of palletizers speeds up and slows down based on production demands. Traditional palletizers are set up to run a maximum speed no matter what the line actual produces. This causes unnecessary wear and inefficiencies in the line. The 9000 Smart Palletizers run on what is demanded and can save at least 20 percent off useless wear on assemblies. These machines are design to save energy consumption and meet green objectives. 


9200 Two Zone – Up to 130 CPM
9300 Three Zone – Up to 150 CPM
9400 Four Zone – Up to 200 + CPM

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