Office Hours

6:30am-5:00pm CST


(334) 281-9444

PAI Inside Sales Team

T.J. Jernigan – New Sales, Upgrades and Modifications

Terry O. Davis – President

PAI Technical Support

Vance Meliska – Technical Support Personnel Coordinator

Kevin Davis – Electrical Design Manager

PAI Outside Sales Coordinator

Garrett Owler – GO-Packaging Concepts (Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana)

Jeff Rhoade Great Lakes Food Machinery, Inc.-   (Midwest, Great Lakes Area)

Brad Rhoade – Great Lakes Food Machinery, Inc.-   (Midwest, Great Lakes Area)

Jeff Thayer – Thayer Automation & Sales, Inc. (Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas)

PAI Mechanical Design

Jason Dour – Mechanical Design Manager

Joe Johnson – Senior Mechanical Designer

Travis Grier – Mechanical Designer and Equipment Manuals

PAI Electrical Design

Kevin Davis  – Electrical Design Manager

John Flora – Control Design Specialist

Vance Meliska – Technical Support Personnel Coordinator

PAI Replacement Parts Department

Tammy Churchwell – Repair Parts Manager

Bobby Hutchinson – Repair Parts

Craig Cole – Repair Parts

Rickey Garner – Production and Supply Manager

PAI Purchasing and Shipping Department

Teddy Williams – Purchasing Agent

PAI Accounts Receivable and Payable Department

Frank Godfrey – Payable

Gayle Smith  Receivable

PAI Human Resource and Safety Department

Tim Miller334.281.4970, ext 238