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  • Case Turning Apparatus and Method for a Palletizer

    In a palletizing machine, cases of goods are received from a production line and are arranged into patterned layers. The palletizing machine stacks the patterned layers one on top of another to form a stacked load that can be easily transported by machine. During arrangement of the cases into the patterned layers, some cases may need to be turned to change their orientation relative to their direction of travel. The cases can be turned simultaneously in groups of two, three, or more cases, to minimize the contact of the palletizing machine with the cases during turning. The turning device which bears against the case during turning may also be provided with a component of movement in the direction of case travel so as to effect the speed of the collision when the cases contact the turning device and effect the net speed between the cases and the turning device during turning.


  • Electrical Hoist Drive System

    The invention provides a hoist drive system for controlling the position of a hoist platform in a palletizer. In an embodiment of the invention, a hoist drive system comprises two electrical motors with dual output shafts. One motor may have an encoder for taking measurements relating to the rotation of the motor. A common shaft with a spring set safety brake ties the motors together. The two motors may be flux vector motors controlled with input from the encoder. The motors drive two gearboxes, thereby enabling vertical displacement of a hoist platform coupled to the drive system.


  • Bushing System for Live Roller Conveyor

    The invention provides an improved live roller conveyor system for preventing damage to conveyed cases of goods when stopped upon live rollers. In an embodiment of the invention, a live roller comprises a drive shaft with a plurality of roller members rotatably affixed there to. One or more bushings are provided between an inner surface of each roller member and an outer surface of said drive shaft. When a conveyed case is stopped along the conveyor, for example, during case layer formation for loading onto a pallet, the rollers underneath the case stop rotating relative to the drive shaft due to slippage between the bushings and drive shaft.